2013 Toyota Mark X Zio 350G: owner review

What’s a Mark X Zio (pronounced Gheeho)?
Owner: Charles Fotherington-Smyth

What we love
  • Acceleration
  • Q-car looks
  • Interior space / legroom

What we don’t
  • Japanese GPS and infotainment screen is all in Japanese

What’s a Mark X Zio (pronounced Gheeho)?

It’s a JDM fast wagon – designed to carry a multi-generational family (and a dog!) safely, quietly and rapidly!

It’s Toyota Kluger underneath (2wd) and Lexus RX350 inside.

There are six seats, a huge boot, woodgrain trim, plush velour and clever storage throughout the car. Plus, this is seriously quick for a family car: 0-100 in 6 seconds from the 3.5L Toyota V6. In short, it’s a real sleeper.

My family needed something fun, something with serious overtaking abilities and a quiet, calming ride. The Mark X Zio (Zone In One) ticked all the boxes.

We imported it from Nagoya in Japan, which was an easy process. The car arrived a few months later in perfect condition and with very low milage. I also paid a fraction of the cost of a local Kluger or RAV4 equivalent. I even get 9L/100kms out of it!

Downsides? The Japanese GPS takes some getting used to, but I can stream music to it easily from my phone. I also seem to spend a lot of my time driving around in the Sea of Japan…

Overall, I love it. It’s a quiet, speedy sleeper with a useful wagon body. It’s sure to be reliable and easy to fix the wearable parts.

Owner: Charles Fotherington-Smyth

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