2018 Honda HR-V VTi-S: owner review

This is our second Honda HR-V.
Owner: Max Press

What we love
  • Economical

What we don’t
  • Momentary pause when taking off sometimes

This is our second Honda HR-V. In 2016, we bought the standard model for $26,999 with a five-year warranty. It came with a base $300 annual service (NRMA quoted me $600).

We found this vehicle exceptional in many ways: great value for its price; extra roomy; and even a very good highway car as we often travelled from Sydney to Cowra and Gundagai to visit relatives. In four-and-a-half years we had run up 49,000km and decided to sell it privately in August 2021. We sold it for $22,000.

I then bought the next-model-up VTi-S from an outer Melbourne dealer for $24,100 with 14,000km, and they sent the car to Sydney FOC in late August. It came with a seven-year warranty.

The larger wheel size in this car, compared to the base model we had sold, does make a large difference in handling and ride comfort. The Dunlop tyres are a mite noisier than the Bridgestone Turanzas that were on the first car. Those tyres had done 49,000km, and it seems the Dunlops might do that distance too on this S model.

There are two gripes. When stationary, sometimes there is a lag momentarily before the car starts moving, which is very disconcerting.

Secondly, in both cars we experienced at speed some constant rattling under the dashboard above the screen. Both cars! So it appears to be an inbuilt fault. Maybe a wire vibrating under the dash? With its second service due in March, we may find the cause.

But dollar for dollar, this is a brilliant SUV with lots of interior space and comfort. One reason we bought the Honda HR-V, and then this VTi-S, is that we can fit three adults or late-teenage grandchildren in the back seat. Try that in the Mazda CX-3. Also, the rear seats fold up and leave the whole passenger area free for luggage etc if required.

In our opinion, it’s great value for money and, best of all, it happily runs on 91RON petrol.

Owner: Max Press

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