2022 Ineos Grenadier factory ramps up production

Prototype examples of the Land Rover Defender inspired four-wheel drive pave the way for more testing. The first mass-produced examples are due to roll off the assembly line in France in July.

The 2022 Ineos Grenadier – an old-school four-wheel drive inspired by the original Land Rover Defender – has reached an important development milestone in its development as prototypes start to come of the new production line.

Up to 130 prototype vehicles have been produced at Ineos’ production facility in Hambach, France, with the process being used to further refine and test the production process.

The facility – known as Smartville from it’s previous life producing Smart cars – was bought by Ineos Automotive for €470 million – and has since had an additional €50 million invested to get it ready for the Grenadier.

Known as PTO1 (production try-out) prototypes, these Grenadiers are destined for additional testing and certification around the world.

There will be a second wave of test vehicles, before production of showroom-ready vehicles commences in July 2022.

Dirk Heilmann, CEO of Ineos Automotive said in a press release that 15,000 customers worldwide have made a reservation – including placing a deposit – for a Grenadier.

“We want to deliver a vehicle that’s ready, and we won’t cut corners. With the benefit of the highly skilled and experienced team at Hambach, as well as the expertise in safety and quality that we have employed, we are on target to begin series production in July.”

The facility, which is staffed by ex-Mercedes-Benz employees, is still producing some vehicles for Mercedes-Benz (EQA and EQB electric vehicles) until 2027.

The Ineos Grenadier is claimed to be best-in-class for best-in- class “off-road capability, durability, and reliability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world.”

In Australia, the Grenadier will line up against the likes of the Toyota LandCruiser (300 Series and 70 Series), Land Rover Defender and Nissan Patrol.

While there were some initial COVID-19 related delays in the eariler phases of Grenadier development and testing, Ineos Australia is confident that a

The Grenadier also might sway potential purchasers away from the likes of a Ford Everest or Toyota LandCruiser Prado, who want an off-road capable four-wheel drive wagon.

Full pricing and specifications of the Ineos Grenadier will be announced in April 2022, at which time customers will be able to place an order.

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