2022 Super Bowl Commercial Roundup: Watch All The Ads From The Big Game And Tell Us Your Favorite

Super Bowl LVI kicks off on February 13th and automakers will once again be fighting for your attention as the event is expected to be watched by more than 100 million people.

We’ll be updating this post as Super Bowl commercials are released and will have a final roundup after all the ads air during the big game. In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the ads which reportedly cost $6 (£4.4 / €5.2) million for a 30 second spot. (Updated 2/14/2022)

Chevrolet: ‘Walter in Winter’ & ‘Silverado EV (The Sopranos)’

Chevrolet aired two spots focusing on the new Silverado, but the one that got our attention of course was the “New Generation,” a modernized version of the opening sequence from the iconic show “The Sopranos.

Polestar: Super Bowl 2022

Polestar aired its first-ever Super Bowl ad during the game with the understated 30-second spot centering around the company’s promise of ‘no compromises’ featuring the 2 electric performance fastback.

Porsche: ‘Top Gun: Maverick x Porsche’

Porsche is promoting its presence in the upcoming film “Top Gun: Maverick” with the Super Bowl spot showing plenty of footage of Tom Cruise springing back to action as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

GM: Dr. EV-il

Two decades after the last installment of the Austin Powers franchise and GM is bringing Dr. Evil back to life for its Super Bowl ad with Mike Myers as Doctor Evil, Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissna, Seth Green as Scott Evil and Rob Lowe as Number Two.

The 90-second spot features EVs powered by GM’s Ultium Platform, including the GMC HUMMER EV SUV and Pickup, Cadillac LYRIQ, Chevy Silverado EV and the BrightDrop EV600 as well as Cadillac’s autonomous Halo Concept Portfolio.

Toyota: “Brothers” and “The Joneses”

This year’s Big Game will see two ads from Toyota, the first of which focuses on the journey of two decorated Canadian Paralympian brothers, Brian and Robin McKeever. The other spot is named “The Joneses” featuring the Tundra.

BMW: Something Electric Is Brewing

For the 2022 Super Bowl, BMW has called up former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to portray the Greek god of lightning, Zeus, and Salma Hayek posing as his wife Hera, to promote the new electrified iX SUV.

“The humor lies in this legendary god of lightning, who is supposed to be indestructible, battling with everyday electronics,” said Schwarzenegger. “This is my first Super Bowl commercial—and the first time I’ve played a Greek goddess,” said Hayek. “Seventy-five percent of the decisions made in a marriage about where to spend the money are made by women, and in this commercial, it is the woman who decides on the right car to get her husband back on track.”

Carvana: Oversharing Mom

Another company that’s making its first appearance on Super Bowl is Carvana. The 30-second spot is about an endearing “oversharer” who, comically, can’t stop talking about the company. “Our customer is at the center of everything we do and ‘Your next customer may be your mom’ is a value that’s central to our DNA, so much so that it inspired our Super Bowl national advertising debut,” said the company’s co-founder, Ryan Keeton.

Kia: Robo Dog

Kia’s 60 second commercial is called “Robo Dog” and it features a robotic puppy that is sad and just wants to be loved like a real dog. After noticing a man charging his EV6, the puppy flees the store and chases after him.

As the man returns home, the puppy takes a leap of faith and attempts to jump through the sunroof. Unfortunately, his battery dies mid-jump and the screen fades to black. Instead of pulling a Sopranos, the puppy awakens after the man uses the EV6’s vehicle-to-load function to recharge him.

Nissan: Thrill Chaser

Nissan’s commercial goes in a slightly different direction as their star studded “Thrill Chaser” spot features Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara from Schitt’s Creek. They’re joined by Brie Larson, Danai Gurira, and Dave Bautista.

The spot begins with Levy admiring Larson’s 2023 Nissan Z and then taking it for a spin. After passing O’Hara driving an Ariya, Levy transforms into the “star of a high-octane, pedal-to-the-metal action film.”

WallBox: #SuperchargedSeth

Marking Wallbox’s first ever TV commercial airing in the U.S., the spot features a lightning strike survivor who is afraid of electricity, except when using the company’s electric vehicle charger. “Our spot calls upon viewers to embrace electricity by watching Seth demonstrate how easy it is to use a Wallbox charger, a climate-friendly alternative, to charge his electric vehicle,” said Barbara Calixto, Chief Marketing Officer of Wallbox. “As we say, if Seth can do it, so can you.”

WeatherTech: Special Ops

To showcase its range of precision-fit, weatherproof floor mats, WeatherTech’s commercial introduces us to a “special ops unit” that that goes to extra lengths to install the brand’s most popular products. “For our ninth year as a Super Bowl advertiser, we wanted to get back to our key product messages of quality, American-made vehicle protection products,” David MacNeil, founder and CEO said.

Vroom: Flake The Musical

Online used-vehicle retailer Vroom has released a musical-inspired commercial for Super Bowl LVI, highlighting the company’s ability to easily sell your car.

Everything Else

While the automotive industry, per usual, takes up a significant chunk of air time during Super Bowl Sunday, there are many other companies taking part in the advertising blitz, including Sam Adams, Doritos, Bud Light, and more. Scroll down to check them out.

Budweiser: ‘A Clydesdale’s Journey’

Lays: Super Bowl 2022 with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen

Doritos: Push It

Pepsi: ‘Road to Super Bowl LVI’

Amazon: ‘Mind Reader’

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: ‘Land of Loud Flavors’ & ‘ Zero In The Way’


Hellmann’s: ‘Mayo Tackles Food Waste’

Vrbo: ‘A place for together’

Samuel Adams: ‘Your Cousin from Boston (Dynamics)’

AT&T: ‘A Lot in Common’

Bud Light: ‘Zero in the Way of Possibility’

Salesforce: Matthew McConaughey’s ‘#TeamEarth’

Planet Fitness: What’s Gotten Into Lindsay Lohan?

Planters: ‘Feed the Debate’

Sam’s Club: ‘VIP with Kevin Hart’

Expedia: ‘Stuff’

ClickUp: ‘Declaration’

Rakuten: ‘High Stakes’

Michelob ULTRA: ‘Welcome to Superior Bowl’

Avocados From Mexico: #AlwaysGood

Booking: Idris Elba says things

Busch Beer: Voice Of The Mountains

DraftKings: Fortune Awaits

Google: Lizzo in Real Tone

Greenlight: “I’ll Take It”

Meta Quest: Old Friends. New Fun

Pringles: Stuck In 90

T-Mobile: Dolly Parton And Miley Cyrus Help 5G Phones’ Dreams Come True



Verizon: Jim Carrey As The Cable Guy

AT&T Fiber: Demi Moore And Mila Kunis Have ‘A Lot In Common’

Intuit QuickBooks & Mailchimp: Duality Duets ft. DJ Khaled

Uber: Uber Don’t Eats

Cutwater Spirits: Here’s To The Lazy Ones

Turbo Tax: Matchmaker

Taco Bell: The Grande Escape

Irish Spring: Welcome To Irish Spring

Lay’s: “Golden Memories” Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd

Coinbase: QR Code

Headspace: Sleep With John Legend

Squarespace: Sally’s Seashells




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