2023 BMW X1 M35i Spotted Testing With Quad Exhausts

BMW will unveil this year the third generation of the popular X1 SAV. A recent BMW X1 prototype was spotted and, once again, it features the quad pipes.

This can only be an X1 M35i xDrive which will become the first M Performance version of BMW’s smallest crossover.

If you are expecting it to be the most powerful X1 ever, you may be slightly disappointed as the original E84 X1 came with an inline-six dialled to 300 hp in the xDrive35i specification. Coincidentally, that’s roughly about as much as the current crop of “235i” models which we can only assume will be similar to this M Performance variant.

Aside from the four exhaust tips sticking out the bodywork you can also tell by the brakes that this is the hotter version. It will also sit lower to the road than the regular X1 trim levels and should come with larger wheels.

This M35i will be sold exclusively with an all-wheel-drive setup and most likely an automatic transmission as well.

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