8 Tips for Staying Cool When Driving Your Car This Summer

staying cool Summer heat can be unforgiving, and the last thing you need is to drive a hot and uncomfortable car during this season. This calls for preventative measures to keep your car cool and make your drives more comfortable even as the temperatures keep rising. Here are eight tips for staying cool when driving your car this summer.

Install seat coolers

An innovative and effective way of keeping your car cool is to install seat coolers. Seat temperature control systems are designed to allow you to enjoy air-conditioned comfort at all times and are a practical solution for all types of vehicles. They also eliminate the risks of your seats causing burns or being too uncomfortable.

Make use of your air conditioner

A properly functioning air conditioning system will always come in handy in the summer months, as it is your car’s default system for raising and lowering internal temperatures. You should prioritize having your air conditioner checked during your regular car maintenance schedules to avoid unnecessary last-minute problems.

Park in the shade

The best way to ensure your car does not become burning hot is always to take your time to find a parking spot with shade. This will also go a long way in protecting your car’s interior and avoiding the inconvenience of having to cool down your vehicle’s interior before you can drive off.

Dress appropriately

How you dress heavily impacts how hot or cool you will be while driving during summer. A good rule is to stick to light clothes and breathable shoes to stay safe and comfortable during your drives. Avoid wearing flip flops or sandals while driving, as they do not have adequate ankle support and can come off easily, making them very unsafe.

Avoid dehydration

It is easy to get dehydrated when driving in summer, which is why you should always have a water bottle with you, which is the best way to prevent heat exhaustion.

Crack your windows

Keeping your windows down when driving at a slow speed will help improve air circulation and keep your car cool. However, if you are driving at high speeds, it is better to close your windows and rely on your AC to cool the cabin.

Keep your car covered

If you can’t find a parking spot in the shade, it is critical to cover your car’s windshield and windows. This will significantly reduce the heat that gets inside the cabin, allowing you to keep the car cool. Tinting your car’s windows will also help prevent overheating, as most tints block much of the heat from the sun.

Prevent engine overheating

Ensure your vehicle has the proper amount of coolant and antifreeze to help maintain engine temperature. You should also regularly check your temperature gauge while driving and if it shows your engine is too hot, pull over before turning on the heat and fan.


Your safety and comfort should always be a top priority when driving during the summer months, and with these precautions, you can keep cool even when the outside temperatures are unbearable.

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