Around the tracks: Life-sized Lego Jeep crumbles under stress testing

Plus, Rapper Post Malone is selling his Bugatti.

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120,000-piece life-sized Lego Jeep crumbles under pressure

A group of seasoned professional Lego builders has put together a 120,000-brick life-sized Willys Jeep, though it didn’t last long. Hoping to capture images with the build, one of the team members hopped in the driver’s seat for some happy snaps.

Granted, he cautiously climbed in expecting to flex the build, but quickly gained enough confidence to put his whole weight into it. While this would have been fine, a subtle shifting of body weight proved disastrous and the entire build came crumbling down in front of (or rather, below) his eyes.

It’s lucky a camera was on hand to capture the action, otherwise we mightn’t have believed the story.

Alarmingly, it took the team at Sheffield Lego User Group two years to complete the build – we’re hoping the repair won’t take as long!

Rapper Post Malone is selling his Bugatti Chiron

Famous American rapper Post Malone has quite the impressive collection of cars, but one of them is about to leave his garage. Malone’s 2019 Bugatti Chiron is finished in white – the musician’s favourite colour, and has just under 965km on the odometer.

The hypercar packs a quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine behind the driver producing 1088kW and 1180Nm, good for a 0-100km/h sprint time of 2.5 seconds.

Highlights of the car include a white leather interior, silver mesh on the front grille and the most expensive option: $AU87,000 Caractere wheels. The car is being auctioned by duPont Registry, with a starting price of approximately $3 million.

A Bugatti watch that costs almost the same as the car itself

Automotive watch collaborations are all the rage right now and two of the biggest names in the business have partnered up to create the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal.

Brands Jacob & Co and Bugatti have teamed up to work on the $2 million masterpiece, which features a fully-operational version of the the Bugatti Chiron’s 8.0-litre W16 engine, with working pistons and spinning turbochargers.

Buyers might be happy to know that this creation is indeed unique, with the case manufactured entirely from sapphire crystal. Just this component involves months of processing, high-level machinery, and hand polishing for it to come to life. From the rear, there are 578 hand-decorated and hand-assembled parts.

The question is, would you purchase a few supercars or this one watch? What’s more, would it be odd to be roaming around with this watch if you weren’t a Bugatti owner? Surely, it’d be a gift to yourself after your Bugatti purchase.

Stunning opening movie presents new Gran Turismo 7 video game

If you’re a fan of the Gran Turismo racing series, you’ll know the franchise is fond of a cinematic opening trailer. This is no different in the latest iteration, where a seven-minute-long trailer displays the next-gen video game in all its high-definition glory.

Sure to put you in the mood for some heart-racing action, the video takes the player through a history of the automobile, detailing a series of cars including the first car ever, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen.

But beyond cars, the trailer also depicts landmark historical moments such as the moon landing, the Titanic disaster, and even Elvis Presley makes an appearance.

The trailer ends by displaying the future of motoring as a Porsche Taycan electric car gets its undercarriage mated to its body. It’s certainly a cinematic masterpiece, but makes us extra excited to get stuck into Gran Turismo 7, which become available today.

The Chevrolet ute combined with a boat

A man from Georgia, USA has ventured into uncharted waters, meshing a Chevrolet ute with his shark boat.

The owner of the 1990s Chevy 3500 pick-up decided to handle the conversion entirely on his own, mounting the boat to the chassis, allowing for the entire shell to lift up for entry and exit.

As there are no doors, the gaps were filled behind the wheel arches with sheetmetal. He then built a custom floor, and to ensure the the seating position was suited to the placement of the boat’s windscreen, the pedals also had to be lengthened.

To keep the boat-style feel of this creation, the 24-foot shark-boat Chevrolet has plenty of seating room in the back for adults. The owner says he uses this often to commute daily, but we can’t imagine it ticks the boxes in the way of practicality.

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