Around the Tracks: The lowest mileage truck in the world gets first wash since 1978

Plus, Porsche wants you to relive your drive through a simulator.

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Rare Ford F-250 gets its first wash in 42 years

Porsche has an app to take your road journey to a race simulator

Porsche is giving drivers an all new experience to record their journey, which can later be played back in a racing simulator.

Created in collaboration with a Swiss start-up called Way Ahead Technologies, the data is recorded through an app – after mounting your phone on the dashboard.

Users will be able to play back their entire trip with the whole 3D environment recorded including trees, crash barriers, and other landmarks. For now, Porsche is unsure if people or parked vehicles can be recreated.

The AI technology will be used for recording roads, while in the future it’s understood data from Porsche’s chassis control system and other sensors could be adopted to make roads look more realistic.

This Mercedes-Benz G500 is the largest scale model crafted from wood

Popular YouTube channel, Woodworking Art, has created a timber version of a Mercedes-Benz G500 four-wheel-drive. The creator used a chisel to perfect a majority of elements such as fender flares and tyre tread.

The interior has a dashboard, seats complete with cross-stitching – and a steering wheel.

The model even gets a functional chassis with moving suspension parts, along with a faux exhaust system.

There are also roof racks and folding side mirrors.

Caitlyn Jenner has purchased a team in the women’s racing series

Former Olympian and reality TV show star, Caitlyn Jenner – of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame – has launched the ‘Jenner Racing Team’ in the women’s W Series.

Jenner is hoping to assign one car with a potential championship contender, and another with a developing driver – who will be American.

The ex-Olympian says he saw the appeal in nurturing young women, as there hasn’t been a woman in Formula One in 40 years. Jenner says this team could be a path to F1.

The W series begins in Miami Gardens, Florida, on 6 May 2022.

Rare Skoda resurrected

The Skoda 1100 OHC Coupe is one rare machine – only two examples were made.

In 1960 and 1962 these vehicles were manufactured purely for racing, later sold privately, and then destroyed in crashes.

Thankfully, the Volkswagen-owned Czech brand Skoda managed to source some of the components and resurrect at least one example to celebrate the brand’s 120th anniversary.

The company said the most challenging part of the restoration was recreating the aluminum body.

The painstaking process also saw the restoration of the entire chassis, a newly-reconstructed radiator, fuel tank, and other core components. 

The restoration involved specialists from the Skoda Museum, who were able to source original documents for the car.

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