Blow Away Modern Day Sports Cars With This 650-HP 1961 Corvette Restomod

This restomoded C1 Corvette is what you get when you decide to put all of the best modern equipment under the shell of a stunning classic silhouette.

Under the hood is a 650 hp supercharged LT4 V8. It has a matching 650 lb-ft of torque and sends that power through an 8L90E 8-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. That’s already an excellent package but it only gets better from there.

Sometimes, restomodders just drop a big modern engine in an old classic car and forget about the suspension, the chassis, the brakes, and other vital components. That’s not the case here as this sexy Vette body is sitting atop a new Art Morrison GT Sport chassis.

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To that chassis, the builder added Strange adjustable coilover shocks, an adjustable sway bar, power steering, and Wilwood brakes. So in terms of driving dynamics, it should be able to offer a modern experience.

It’s also full of modern comfort features like a Vintage Air climate control system, a custom leather interior, electric windows, and even an integrated backup camera. This is one stylish way to go out on the town without the penalties that come with actual classic car ownership.

This C1 Corvette restomod is going over the auction block between April 7 and April 9 at Barrett-Jackson’s Pebble Beach 2022 event. What do you think it will ultimately sell for?

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