Buying A Cheap “Classic”, aka Old, Car And Driving It Daily Can Be Cool. Here’s How.

One of Tommy Lee Byrd’s super powers is making all things look cooler by fitting the right wheel and tire combo on them. Of course part of this stems from his position at Coker Tire, where he has the inside info on all things tires and wheels. But everyone reading this can learn something from him and his latest video about his daily driven classic. Sure, it’s a crew cab Nova, but it looks cool as hell and any real hot rodder would drive the hell out of this thing as their daily commute rig. Call me a liar.

Check out the video, and Tommy’s take on making cool old stuff, and in this case not so cool old stuff, fun to drive.

Video Description:

What is your definition of Classic Car? It probably doesn’t include 1977 Nova four door sedans, but hey…it’s 45 years old so it gets some credit for its age. Admittedly, this is not what car guys consider a true classic car, but it presents the same challenges that a 1969 Camaro, 1965 Ford Mustang or 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda. Fuel system issues and ignition issues are usually at the top of the to-do list when it comes to daily driving a classic car. I bought this car because it was cheap and drove so nicely…and the A/C works! So I’m gonna keep on using it on my 90-mile commute. This ratty Nova does have some pretty cool patina, so I played into that by “back dating” the tire and wheel combination a few years to more of an early 1970’s look. My go to combo is black steel wheels with dog dish caps, and of course, bigger tires on the back. It’s just my thing. And GTA style wheels are not exactly my favorite thing on a ’70s car. Even though this car is a wimpy 6 cylinder, it hits the highway pretty nicely, thanks to the TH350 automatic transmission and 2.73 gears. I may do some follow up videos on this crusty Nova, but for now I’m just having fun driving it.

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