Can this car driver pull off a U-Turn on this narrow hill road? [Video]

Driving in hills could be tricky for some people. Situations can become even more difficult when you have to take a U-turn on a narrow hill road. Well, that is exactly something that happened to someone. Here, we have a video in which we can see a driver making a U-turn on a very narrow hill road.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by DrivingSkill on YouTube channel. The video showcases how skilled the driver was. The video itself is 1 minute 34 seconds long but the speed has been increased.

A few things that were in the favour of the driver here are a front-mounted engine that ensured that most of the weight stays in front of the vehicle. There was no one sitting in the third row which again helped in keeping the weight on the front wheels. The comments of the video say that the car was a front-wheel-drive which was also an advantage. This is because a rear-wheel car could have lost traction considering the rear tyres were at the edge of the cliff.

Driving on hills

Since the lockdown eased up many people are headed to hill stations. People are still preferring personal vehicles considering that there is still a risk while using public vehicles. Driving on hills is a bit different when compared to driving on city roads. Here are a few tips that you should remember while driving on hills.

Drive on the left side

Roads on the hills are filled with blind turns. Because of this the opposing driver and you would not be able to spot each other in a timely manner. Staying on the left side will simply give enough space for the oncoming cars to pass.

Engine braking

On hilly areas, brakes are frequently used which can reduce their effectiveness as the temperature of the brakes increases. Heating can lead to brake failure and even fire. What you can do is use your engine to slow down the speed. Dropdown a gear, which will increase the revs of your engine, this will start slowing down the car. Driving the car in one lower gear would take some load off from your brakes.

Shift early

Hilly roads demand a lot of attention from the driver. He would need to predict which gear should he be in for the hairpin that lies ahead of him. This is important because the driver must keep both of his hands on the steering wheel while taking a turn. He should not be changing the gear while he is in mid-turn. If it is an incline then the

Don’t overtake on turns

As mentioned above, visibility is limited on mountain roads because of which extra attention is required to perform an overtake. You should only overtake when there is a straight stretch in front of you, this will help you spot the oncoming traffic.

Hold on to a gear

Most people have a habit of shifting early because it would save them some fuel. However, this is not a good practice while driving on hills. When you go into a higher gear, your engine revs fall which means your power and torque also decreases. However, you need that power and torque to climb an incline. So, driving in a higher gear increases stress on the engine.

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