Cheapest Tesla Model 3 goes up in price in Australia

The cost of the cheapest Tesla on sale in Australia has risen by $1000, as waiting times blow out to more than six months.

The most affordable Tesla Model 3 has risen by $1000 – representing the first cost increase in almost two years after three rounds of price reductions.

The price rise coincides with revised delivery times of between five and seven months, according to Tesla.

Earlier this week the Tesla Australia website was updated to show its cheapest model – the Tesla Model 3 – has risen from $59,900 plus on-road costs, to $60,900 plus on-road costs.

Depending on stamp duties and registration charges in each state and territory, the new price for the most basic Tesla Model 3 translates to between $63,201 drive-away and $67,681 drive-away – excluding government incentives or rebates that may apply.

A number of Australian jurisdictions offer rebates of up to $3000 to buyers of new electric vehicles, however in most cases the incentive is applied after the vehicle is purchased.

While the price has risen on the cheapest Tesla on sale in Australia – now simply known as a Tesla Model 3 rather than Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD – the new RRP of $60,900 is still less than the price of the same vehicle a year ago.

At one point, the base Tesla Model 3 previously was priced at $73,900 plus on-road costs in Australia – $13,000 more than it is today. (See the table below.)

US electric car specialist Tesla was by far the biggest seller of electric motor vehicles in Australia last year, out-ranking mainstream brands such as Jeep and Lexus.

As previously reported by Drive, Tesla is said to be considering providing its sales numbers in Australia via the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

Participating in the official automotive industry data list would help Tesla avoid a repeat of the kerfuffle earlier this year, which saw the company initially publish inflated sales numbers before later issuing correct information.

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Price change months (RRPs exclude on-road costs) Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD
July 2019 (launch) $66,000 $85,000 $91,200
December 2019 $67,900 (up 2.9 per cent) $85,900 (up 1.0 per cent) $93,900 (up 2.3 per cent)
March 2020 $67,900 (no change) $89,469 (up 4.2 per cent) $99,869 (up 6.4 per cent)
July 2020 $73,900 (up 8.8 per cent) $91,613 (up 2.4 per cent) $102,013 (up 2.1 per cent)
October 2020 $66,900 (down 9.5 per cent) $83,425 (down 8.9 per cent) $92,425 (down 9.4 per cent)
April 2021 $62,900 (down 6.0 per cent) $78,458 (down 6.0 per cent) $94,058 (up 1.8 per cent)
July 2021 $59,900 (down 4.8 per cent) $73,400 (down 6.4 per cent) $84,900 (down 9.7 per cent)
March 2022 $60,900 (up 1.7 per cent) $73,200 (down 0.3 per cent, December 2021) $84,900 (unchanged)

Prices listed above are RRPs excluding Tesla’s $1375 delivery fee and $350 ordering fee (previously $150 prior to December 2021), and on-roads costs such as stamp duty, registration, and compulsory third-party insurance. Sources: RJ Pound and Tesla. 

Drive-away prices by state and territory (before incentives) Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD
NSW Was $64,648, now $65,929 drive-away
VIC Was $64,968, now $66,235 drive-away
QLD Was $63,357, now $64,604 drive-away
WA Was $66,356, now $67,681 drive-away
SA Was $64,527, now $65,763 drive-away
TAS Was $64,473, now $63,201 drive-away
ACT Was $62,517, now $63,255 drive-away
NT Was $64,019, now $65,255 drive-away

Drive-away prices listed above are from the Tesla website and vary according to stamp duties – and stamp duty and registration concessions – in each jurisdiction. The drive-away prices do not include government rebates that may apply in some jurisdictions. Source: Tesla Australia.

Care has been taken when compiling this data, but prices are subject to change without notice.

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