Clean Cackle Video: A Look At The 2022 Scrappers Top Fuel Team Complete With A Shop Cackle!

What lots of people forget about NHRA pro stock, top fuel, and nitro funny car teams is that the work never stops. A year long the machines were tended to, serviced, repaired, rebuilt, replaced, etc. This is especially true in the weeks leading up to the NHRA pre-season test which kicks off tomorrow in Arizona. The small city of Brownsburg, Indiana is all but vacant right now because all the trucks, trailer, cars, and crew people have headed west to get setup and get the season kicked off properly.

One of the teams that will be getting a close inspection this year is that of the Scrappers top fuel effort. They recently announced that Rob Flynn was to take over the tuning duties for the 2022 campaign, stepping in after Alan Johnson went to Kalitta Motorsports to oversee their stuff. What’s interesting is that the crew all stayed minus one guy. You’ll hear the importance of this mentioned by Flynn in an interesting way nearing the end of the video.

One of the most important things teams do in these final closing weeks of the off-season is to drill their service. They operate on different turn around windows and then fire the car to make sure their work isn’t just done, but that it is done correctly. When you hear Rob mention the fact that it is a gratifying feeling to start the car multiple times in a day with no leaks, you understand the value of that experienced crew. These guys have their work and roles down, it will come down to the right tuning calls and the right execution in the cockpit to get the job done.

Press play below to see this neat video from ehe Scrappers racing team shop – they are ready!

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