Configurator Challenge: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Chevrolet Corvette is now on sale in Australia. Here’s how the Drive team would order theirs.

Customisation is in vogue at the moment, but choice can be seriously confusing. In our configurator challenge, we let the Drive team loose on a manufacturer’s website to create their ideal combination for a certain model.

This week’s car of choice is the new Chevrolet Corvette, in Stingray trim – the first factory right-hand-drive Corvette in the nameplate’s 70-year history.

Let us know what your ideal Chevrolet Corvette would look like in the comments below, and the cars you’d like us to configure next.

James Ward, Director of Content

I tried for the wildest combo possible – but ended up kind of liking it. I’m sure with the volume of options every Corvette in 30 years time will be auctioned off as a one-of-one…

Red with a light grey interior and orange stripes – stay with me… kind of works. I’m into it.

Kez Casey, Production Editor

Approaching the Corvette configurator is a bit like being let loose in the Wonka factory. There’s so much fine detail you can have. Fancy a lime green car with orange stripes and white badges with a blue interior? Sure kid, it’s all yours, and have one for Grandpa Joe too.

Despite the ability to make an utterly obnoxious Corvette with relative ease, I’ve settled on a look that’s surprisingly restrained.

Starting with a 2LT Coupe, I’ve slathered it in a coat of Hypersonic Gray, topped off with full-length Edge yellow stripes, and Carbon Flash wheels – my ode to the C8.R race car and its unVette-like stealth appearance package.

While the looks might be low-key, the Z51 package was a non-negotiable option. Tightened suspension, a limited-slip differential, and Brembo brakes mean there’s some handling nous to run with the performance potential.

Inside, the under-the-radar theme continues with a set of GT2 seats, trimmed in ‘Natural’ coloured nappa leather with perforated microfibre inserts.

Ands that’s it. There’s no need for lurid seatbelts, wild wheel centres, or carbon bodykits – although that last point is always open to discussion.

Tom Fraser, Journalist

I like my Corvette spec so much that I wish I had enough money to actually put money down for one.

I usually find it hard to put my favourite colour orange on a car, but I think it works well on a 3LT Coupe. The interior specifies the Competition bucket seats with red bolstering and exterior-matching orange seat belts.

The standard rear wing has been removed for a much cleaner look.

Contrary to what some of my colleagues think, I quite like the wheel selections on offer for the Corvette. I’ve opted for the staggered 19-/20-inch Trident-spoke alloy wheels in silver.

It’s a smart spec overall if I do say so myself.

Alex Misoyannis, Journalist

I’ve kept my chosen Corvette spec reasonable, I’d like to think: mid-spec 2LT model, with enough features (for a reasonable price), and a coupe body style (though still with the removable targa roof).

Accelerate Yellow paint clothes the black and silver trident-spoke wheels – the best of, frankly, a poor list of possible choices – with red brake calipers, and the optional Z51 pack, which adds the low-rise spoiler, more power, a louder exhaust, and more.

Inside, I’ve gone for Cool Grey and black nappa leather for the GT2 sports bucket seats, plus red seatbelts to match the calipers. Other options include a front lift system for tall Sydney speed bumps, and Z51 suspension with GM’s Magnetic Ride Control system.

All up, it comes out to US$84,425 ($AU112,000) – not too bad for a mid-engined supercar offering plenty of performance and luxury.

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