Cops challan Vintage Mercedes-Benz based on Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

The use of vintage cars in wedding functions and various other celebrations has seen a hike in recent times. Usually, such cars are hired on rent from people who own them. While many use original well-restored cars from the bygone eras, some people try to customize a regular car substantially to make it look like a vintage car.

The cars falling under the second category are illegal to use on public roads and can be penalized by the police. One such car was recently stopped by the police in a normal routine of patroling.

The whole video describing this particular incident was uploaded by the YouTube channel of Bhagwat Prasad Pandey Daroga Ji, who happens to be a policeman.

During the usual routine, he spotted a rip-off of an open-top Mercedes-Benz car, which looked a bit dwarfed and unusual for a car from the German brand. On questioning the driver of that car, he came to know that it is a heavily-modified Maruti Alto, which has been customized to make it look like a vintage car.

Modified cars not allowed

While the modified vintage car here looks like a nice and honest attempt, one should note that such cars are illegal to drive on public roads without the permission of legal authorities. According to section 52(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, a person cannot make alterations to the particulars of the vehicle as mentioned in the registration certificate. If he does, he needs to make the legal authorities aware of the changes made and get the required changes in the registration certificate as well.

The policeman asked the driver to show the original documents and permission of the local RTO authorities for using this vehicle on public roads. However, the driver failed to submit the required documents.

The policeman then amicably made the driver understand that such heavily modified vehicles are not permitted to be used on public roads without the permission of legal authorities.

The supreme court of India and the Motor Vehicle Act bans any such modifications to operate on public roads. Such vehicles can be project cars for many and one can use them on private properties like a racing track or at a farmhouse. However, the police may seize it from the public roads.

Two-door Mercedes-Benz vintage car is a wedding car

The car stopped by police is a two-door vintage car lookalike, with tapered fenders flowing towards the front grille, which gets a big three-pointed star logo. There is an additional logo placed on the hood of the bonnet, with the car getting rounded headlamps, auxiliary lamps and turn indicators mounted on the flared and curved front fenders.

The two-part windshield of the car is almost vertical, and the car gets two seats at the front and a small flat bench at the back. The car also gets rounded chrome rearview mirrors mounted on the edges of the windscreen. At the back, the open-top modified vintage car has a curved boot with a small boot compartment and rounded tail lamps on the outer lower edges of the car.

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