Cops issue challan to man riding motorcycle handsfree while operating two phones [Video]

India definitely sees some of the most bizarre incidents around the world. Here is one captured on the CCTV. Vadodara Police caught a man on CCTV and sent an e-challan to him. The bizarre part about the incident is that the man was holding two mobile phones while riding.

The video shows the man on a motorcycle riding without a helmet. But the CCTV footage also shows him holding two phones in both his hands. The rider had let go of the motorcycle handle and was using both mobile phones while riding.

Vadodara Police has now issued an e-challan to the person for violating traffic rules. The exact challan amount remains unknown but there are multiple violations here and the cops can issue multiple challans to the person.

Phones are strictly prohibited

biker texting and riding

According to the Indian motor vehicle act, using a phone while driving or riding is strictly prohibited. In fact, even headphones are not allowed while operating a two-wheeler in India.

If you’re someone who uses headphones while driving or riding by placing them under the helmet then it is illegal according to the Bangalore Police. Even putting earphones under the helmet is illegal even if you’re not using them for a call. Even playing music through earphones while operating an automobile is illegal.

Similarly, if you put a mobile phone under the helmet, the police will issue a challan for doing just that. Even using Bluetooth devices is prohibited. As per the law, using any type of electronic gadget is illegal while riding a motorcycle or two-wheeler.

listening to music through headphones or Bluetooth devices while riding a two-wheeler is illegal. However, people travelling in the car can play music but after making sure that the music is not causing any disturbance to the fellow motorists. Using headphones even for music is a violation for both the car drivers and the two-wheeler rider.

The Police say that one can use Google Maps while driving or riding a two-wheeler. However, one cannot hold the phone while driving or riding while using the maps. One needs to install a phone holder that will allow one to position the phone to view the maps. Holding the phone while driving or riding is strictly prohibited.

Distracted driving can cause major accidents

Looking at the phone screen or talking while operating a vehicle can be very distracting. It can also lead to numerous accidents. It is best to keep the phones away while operating a vehicle or at least stop completely at a safe place to use the phone.

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