Corolla Driver Runs Red Light, Crashes Into Cop While Being Followed And Filmed By Another Police Car

They say that timing is everything and that’s certainly the case for this police dashcam video. At the same time lucky for the investigators, unlucky for one cop, no doubt tragic from the driver’s perspective, and farcical for us, timing truly is all things to all people in this video.

Shot from the dash camera of a police car and shared on Reddit, the video starts unassumingly enough as a Corolla turns right in front of a police officer and drives normally down a residential street. The video takes a weird turn from there, though.

The Corolla’s driver starts slowing down for the light, allowing the cop (who, it should be noted, appears to be following this vehicle purely out of circumstance, not intention) to get closer, and then it takes off, running through a fully red light.

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Proving a point I never thought needed proving, the Corolla shows why it’s good to (checks notes) stop at a red light. By not doing so, the driver ends up t-boning another vehicle that was simply minding its own business. Surprisingly, though, the car it runs into is another police car.

I believe the term “slam dunk case” was invented for just such an occasion. What’s truly odd about this video, though, is that, along with there being seemingly no reason for this car to be evading the police officer following them, they go through the red light at a pretty relaxed pace.

Indeed, everyone seems to be pretty bewildered by the whole event. Fortunately, everyone seems to be okay with neither the Corolla‘s driver nor the cop reporting any injuries. The woman driving the car at fault takes the blame for the accident and seems pretty shaken up about it. The cops, meanwhile, just seem confused.

Not sure what lessons we can take from this apart from “It’s still important to stop for red lights when the police are around.”

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