Custom Royal Enfield with super fat tyre: What it rides like

Royal Enfield motorcycles are commonly used for several modification projects and we have seen many such examples on our website as well. Royal Enfield motorcycles are modified into Cafe racers, scramblers, bobber and even choppers. Normally, it is the Classic 350 or Bullet which is chosen for such projects. Here we have a video where a Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle has been extensively modified by a local garage. The Classic 500 motorcycle has been modified into a chopper and the main attraction on this motorcycle is the 300 mm fat tyre installed at the rear.

The video has been uploaded by MACK RIDER on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows how the public reacted after seeing the motorcycle and explains how does it feel to ride. The video also talks about the modifications that are done to the motorcycle.

First things first, the motorcycle does not look like Royal Enfield Classic 500 from any angle. It has been completely transformed. The work on this motorcycle has been done by GM Customs in Delhi. This a local garage and most of the work done on this motorcycle is done by hand.

The vlogger takes the motorcycle to an open ground to shoot the bike but, the design of the motorcycle attracted crowd. They were all surprised to see the motorcycle and even more surprised when they realised that it is a Classic 500 motorcycle. The main attraction on this motorcycle are the rear tyres. It gets fat 300 mm tyre. As we all know, this is not a standard equipment with Classic 500 motorcycle.

Some modifications had to be made to accommodate this change. The swingarm on the motorcycle was customised at the garage and only after that this modification was possible. the motorcycle no longer gets chain. It is now driven by a belt. Belt drive generates less noise in comparison to the regular metal chains. The vlogger then asks the creator of the motorcycle about this modification and he said, this project took them around 2.5-3 months to complete.

The front, side profile and the rear of the motorcycle has been completely handmade. the original headlamps are replaced with aftermarket LED lamps with LED DRLS. The original Royal Enfield instrument cluster has been retained as per customer request. The disc brake setup on this motorcycle is also the same as original Classic.

The motorcycle has a wave like design which is quite normal in choppers. The motorcycle gets a custom made well cushioned seat which offers the rider a comfortable riding position. Pillion seats have also been installed but, we are not sure about the practicality of those seats. The turn indicators on this motorcycle are aftermarket LED units and so are the tail lamps.

No changes have been made to the engine but, GM customs have placed couple fake engine covers which leave the impression that it is a higher capacity motorcycle. They have also installed twin custom exhausts. Video mentions that only one of them is working and the other is dummy. Vlogger even rode the motorcycle in the compound and came back happy. He felt the fit and finish of the job done was very good and the motorcycle felt very smooth as well.

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