DIY Ceramic Coating? How to Use Formula 1201 — For Pros & DIYers

Dr. Beasley’s DIY ceramic coating Formula 1201 is a fast-applying coating that’s also great for pros. Formula 1201 has a wet application and doesn’t require claying or paintwork correction, so you can complete an entry-level ceramic coating job from wash to coating in as little as 40 minutes.

Why is the coating applied wet? Water is the catalyst for bonding, reacting with Formula 1201 to fuse the coating with the underlying clear coat substrate. This reaction can be observed as the water and coating form a gel-like substance on the surface, which is then wiped away immediately thanks to the instant-bonding mechanic. ⁠

At our detailing studio “Simon’s Detail”, we use Formula 1201 for our “Outside Shine” service, which pairs a multi-stage snow foam wash with a ceramic coating application. This service can typically be completed in less than 45 minutes thanks to Formula 1201’s wet application (allowing you to go straight from wash to coating) as well as the fact that you don’t need to mechanically decontaminate or correct the paintwork before application. With the right skill and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) this can be a valuable service for any professional detailing operation.

That being said, this is also an amazing DIY ceramic coating. The wet application is particularly convenient for the detailer at home, as it allows for a smoother application that’s very forgiving when it comes to addressing high spots. On top of that, not having to correct the paintwork or use detailing clay is another plus, as many DIYers don’t have access to those kinds of tools.

To better illustrate all of this, we captured our Chicago in-house detailing studio “Simon’s Detail” performing their full 1201 process on a new Dodge Durango Hellcat SRT with Director of Success Chris Racana nearby to break it all down for the folks at home. Check it out:

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