Do it yourself paint repair

paint repairWalking out of the store heading to your vehicle in the parking lot, you see something you’ve been lucky enough up until now to avoid: a wayward shopping cart has obviously hit and scratched your car and you need paint repair. Or you scrape the bottom of your spoiler on that cement parking block when you pull into a parking spot just a little too far forward. Or someone parks too close to you and has opened their car door, hitting your car with their door, which scratches the paint. These things happen to most, if not all, of us at some time during our driving years.

Taking your vehicle to a professional body shop for a paint repair can cost more money than you’re willing to spend for small paint issues, so you try to ignore it and continue to drive around with the chip, scrape or scratch. Over time, that little chip or scratch could lead to an even bigger problem with an even heftier repair cost: rust. What began as an unsightly paint problem now carries the potential to damage the body of the car itself. is an economical solution for everyday paint issues vehicle owners face.  Fixing the paint yourself is quick and easy; just go online to, order your paint based on the year/make/model and paint code of your vehicle. The three-step paint system is available in pens, bottles, aerosol spray cans and ready-to-spray form in pints, quarts or gallons. You can also order any supplies necessary to perform the repair as well so everything you need arrives in one box.  Simply apply the AutomotiveTouchup sandable primer, your vehicle’s color touchup paint and the gloss clear coat. Repairing your vehicle’s paint yourself has never been easier.

“AutomotiveTouchup is a product every driver should have on-hand. When life happens, you don’t want to take the time to get your car into a professional body shop to have the paint repair when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost with our high-quality, custom made-to-order paint,” said Paul Fernandez, General Manager,

With a database of more than 60,000 OEM colors, paint is available for every driver to have on-hand when needed.

How-to videos are uploaded on the company’s website at, allowing customers to learn how to apply the products for a seamless repair. Customers can http://www.automotivetouchup.comalso contact the company at 1.888.710.5192 if they have questions.


Headquartered in New Orleans, AutomotiveTouchup is a division of Microfinish LLC, which produces coatings for vehicular and industrial equipment repair and refinishing in a state-of-the-art facility. For more information, visit: Follow the company on Facebook:

Twitter: @atu_microfinish or Instagram: @automotivetouchup

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