Electric Trucks: Which one would work best for you?

The Rivian R1T is available for sale right now. Ford’s all-electric Lightning is very nearly here. And the Chevrolet Silverado EV will land in showrooms sometime in the middle of 2023. If you were angling for electrified pickup action in your driveway, which one would you be choosing?

Of the three, it seems the Rivian may be the most well-rounded of the bunch. There’s an easy mix of on-road, everyday enjoyability coupled with actual off-road capability relative to this space. With the Lightning and the Silverado, however, you can opt for a model suited for true work-truck duty.

All three have versions with strong range figures. All three look different from each other to help set them apart for their given fan bases. And each one helps add a new potential EV fence-sitter into the pool of EV owners. Electric trucks are going to be part of the tipping point for more mainstream EV acceptance, and yes this is still an issue depending on where you live in the country. But for good reason of course, as the infrastructure is still catching up.

But it is improving. Range options are climbing. And more and more appealing versions of electric vehicles are coming across a broader range of segments.

But if you had to pick one of these three, which one seems like it would work for you?

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