Electric vehicle subsidies extended in Victoria

A further $7.2 million has been allocated to increase the uptake of electric cars in Victoria.

Subsidies for electric vehicles have been extended in Victoria.

A program to offset the purchase price of 20,000 electric vehicles by $3000 was announced in May last year. However, earlier this week the state government confirmed a further 2600 vehicles will become eligible for the subsidy.

This is despite the fact the original allocation is yet to be exhausted – fewer than 10,000 car owners are believed to have so far collected a rebate.

The move – designed to increase uptake of environmentally-friendly vehicles – is predicted to cost taxpayers an estimated $7.2 million over the next three years.

Ben Carroll – the state’s Minister for Public Transport – said: “Electric and zero-emissions vehicles are the future of transport and we’re making sure more Victorians are part of this transport revolution with a clean and sustainable car.”

Most states and territories now offer some form of financial incentive for electric vehicle buyers.

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