Factors To Consider Before Buying Solar Street Lamps

There are plenty of significant benefits of installing solar street lamps in your neighborhood. With the use of photoelectric conversion of energy you can save non-renewable sources of energy also, these street lamps are highly cost-effective, require low maintenance and ensure a longer lifespan. 

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Further in this article, you will get insights into the factors to consider before buying solar street lamps.  

Product design and construction 

Product design and construction is an important factor to consider before buying any solar luminaries. For starters, these street lamps are designed with high-quality aluminium material that prevents rusting and corrosion. 

Consider looking for modular seal designs with IP65 technology that provides complete protection from dust and low-pressure water ingress increasing its long-term reliability. Ensure that the lamp is exclusively designed to withstand any climatic conditions and will deliver the same output without affecting its performance. 

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Adjustable solar panels 

This is another important factor to consider before buying solar street lamps. The solar panel is the main component of these street luminaries. It is the only source of power hence you should look for adjustable solar panels so you can adjust them manually or via the controller in the direction of the sun. 

Nowadays, most of these street lights come with 360-degree adjustable solar panels that allow you to position the panels in any direction so they can deliver maximum efficiency from photoelectricity conversion.  

solar street lamps

Controller system 

The controller system is an important component of any solar street light. Newly designed street lamps are equipped with an advanced MPPT controller system. This highly efficient controller system increases charging efficiency and ensures the best performance. 

These controllers can automatically adjust the output power based on the weather changes. These controllers feature multiple programmable options to set the time period and ensure the street lamps are working efficiently. It is the most intelligent control system that ensures efficient charging and discharging. 

Battery Management 

Battery management is another essential component that cannot be ignored while looking for solar luminaries. These new generation street lamps are equipped with LiFePO4 batteries. This type of battery provides better performance and ensures long-term durability as compared to lithium batteries and traditional lead-acid batteries. 

These batteries ensure greater discharge depth, increased cycle life and increased storage and power capacity. The LiFePO4 batteries are well-known to work in any climatic conditions. They will work efficiently and deliver optimum performance throughout extreme summer heat as well as cold freezing conditions. 

Light efficiency and light distribution 

If you are looking for solar luminaries then you must consider checking the light efficiency and light distribution. This ensures that it provides high-powered luminous lighting throughout your neighborhood. Also, check if it offers a wide beam angle lens to cover a larger area. 

New generation street lamps are equipped with special multi-core outdoor LEDs which are highly efficient and increase overall luminous efficiency value. A wide-angle lens improves the light distribution and improves the quality of light and provides uniform lighting. 

Heat dispersion 

The solar street lamps that come with heat dispersion function are more reliable and has a longer lifespan. This feature increases the efficiency of these street lights and allows them to deliver optimum performance in all seasons. The die-casting aluminum covering ensures faster heat dispersion and protects it from adverse climatic conditions. 

These multi-core LEDs generate thermal heat while they are glowing. This increases the temperature and can damage the lights. The heat dispersion feature in modern street lamps helps to evade temperature and increases the longevity of the LEDs and protects the battery and provides long-term system reliability. 

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Multi-control mode management 

New generation solar luminaries feature multi-control mode management. You can consider this feature if you want an option to control and manage these street lights in multiple ways. Ensure that it offers a wireless controlling system so you don’t have to do much manual work. 

The wireless connectivity allows you to control the complete functioning of these street lights using a computer or mobile applications with the help of GPRS. The smart controlling system provides you with the feature of lighting control, historical data, working mode and real-time state monitoring. 

The Bottom-line 

It is very important to consider all the possible factors while looking for solar luminaries. You must install modern street lamps with all the latest features so they can give better performance and also ensure long-term reliability. These are the major factors to be considered before buying solar street lights. 

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