Finnegan Bought A Used LS-Powered Pro 2 Race Truck And Is Already Breaking Things On Day 1

Remember when you were a kid and on the first day playing with some new RC car, bike, or toy you broke it? That’s sorta what’s going on here with Finnegan, and somehow I think he and Newbern probably expected it. Check it out.

Video Description:

This is Episode 188 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage and you’re gonna love the new project car err truck that just arrived. Here’s the story: way back in the early 2000s I was the Editor of Off-Road Magazine, which was one of the few places you could find coverage of the west coast desert racing scene. I didn’t work there long but I loved it, even going so far as to convert my stock ’03 Toyota Tundra into a “Prerunner” styled pickup. It has Camburg long travel front suspension, Deaver Leaf springs with Sway-A-Way dampers, a full bumper-to-bumper rollcage and it was a ton of fun to drive in the dirt. Fast forward to the winter of 2021 and I got a chance to drive Ryan Beat’s Pro-2 race truck for a few laps around Silver Dollar Motorsports Park in Reynolds, Georgia, and the six or seven laps changed my world for the better. I had forgotten how much fun it is to drive something with suspension travel that can be measured in feet, not inches. Right then and there I decided to build my own truck that worked on the street and the dirt. Realizing I was in deep building the Caddy and my wife’s jet boat and had zero time for yet another project, I set out to find a used Pro-2 race truck as the base for my next build. Pro-2 trucks are single seat race vehicles, which are not geared or aligned for street driving on the street. The also only have one seat in them. But, Sean Hogdon, came through with a lead on an ex-Pro 2 truck, which had been converted to a two-seater and I was able to strike a deal to buy it from Stronghold Motorsports. Freiburger and I drove it in a recent episode of Roadkill on the MotorTrend Plus app, and then it was shipped to my house in Georgia. This is what happened the day it came home.

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