FJ45 Rock Crawler Project: If Only The Steering Was As Easy As Bolting This Column In

We do it nice, cause we do it twice is the mantra for the Fab Rats and this might be the best example of that yet. Because they ordered the wrong length steering column they are going to cut up and tear apart this perfectly lovely piece in order to make it what they need. It makes me laugh, because this is one of those videos that you watch and want to tell them what to do while it is happening, knowing full well that this happened weeks ago and is already done. And they get it done, as always, but not without drama and some laughs.

If you know old Toyota Land Cruisers then you know that an FJ40 is an iconic off-roader. Like a Jeep CJ, it’s a short wheelbase little utility ride that can be built into anything. The FJ60 on the other hand is the SUV wagon body style more like a Jeep Cherokee or Wagoneer. But there were all kinds of other FJ series vehicles that are much less common, and therefore sought after by Toyota Land Cruiser aficionados. One such ride is the FJ45 which is a pickup truck model. They are very hard to find and are usually in horrible shape if you do find one. So what do you think the Toyota crowd would think of taking a solid FJ45 and cutting it up to make the ultimate rock crawler? Well, you are about to find out.

In this video series by the Fab Rats you are going to see them brandish their normal weapons of choice, meaning a sawzall, plasma cutter, and welder, to build a bobbed, wedged, and badass FJ45. I dig the hell out of this project, but can totally understand why some Landcruiser guys and gals will want to scream. With that said, I think it is going to be a hell of a project that will absolutely do the Toyota name proud.


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