Grand National Roadster Show 2022: Hot Rods, Customs, Street Machines, And More!

We’ve shared a ton of photos from inside the Grand National Roadster show’s many buildings, but this gallery also includes cars from Saturday’s outside cruise and they are awesome. These are cars that drove in the show and parked at the awesome LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona so they could be part of the action. Check them out, and if you missed any of our other photos so far, click the link below to check out what you missed. This is our second gallery featuring some of the cars outside, so keep the language and sm

(Photos by Wes Allison) It’s the Grand National Roadster Show baby!!! One of the most iconic car shows in the world is going on right now at the Fairplex in Pomona and everyone that’s anyone is there. We were lucky enough to have Wes Allison on hand shooting photos of all the cars, trucks, hot rods, lowriders, muscle, and more that is inside the buildings, and he’s also going to be sending us photos from today’s outdoor car show as well! I grew up going to this show at the Oakland Coliseum, where it was affectionately referred to as the Oakland Roadster Show even though its real name was the Grand National. It moved to Pomona several years ago now and has been an absolute must-see and attend event that draws folks from all over the world.

It also draws all kinds of folks you might not expect to see, like a lot of racers and engine builders, who come to enjoy the way hot rodding started. We’ve already shared the gallery that is nothing but the roadsters that are up for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster this year, but if you missed it you can use the link below to check them out. This here is our first gallery from the rest of the inside show and we’ve got hundreds of photos to share so look for updates on our galleries every day this coming week.


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