Here’s What A Close Encounter With A Tornado While Driving Looks Like

South Carolina’s Stephanie Cochrane may soon find her video on Reddit’s r/praisethecameraman after she managed to film footage of she and her husband’s harrowing brush with a tornado.

The video shows high winds and rain lashing against the couple’s vehicle obscuring their view of the road before a piece of debris the size of a shed slides across the road in front of them, kiting in the high winds.

Fortunately, as her husband Marc drives tentatively down the road, they emerge from the worst of the weather and towards safety. The couple was driving down Highway 300 on their way to the town of Ulmer, in Allendale County, towards their home.

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Per WLTX News, Cochrane said that they had heard that there were tornado warnings in the area but lost service on her cellphone before her sister could warn her about one near her.

“We just know that with God’s guidance he kept us focused and kept us safe,” Stephanie said. “We are blessed that only the back glass is shattered.”

Unfortunately, others weren’t so fortunate, and local authorities report that three people suffered injuries in the storm and a number of houses were damaged. The National Weather Service has not determined how strong the tornado was, but high winds are capable of lifting a truck off its wheels, as one unfortunate driver in Texas recently found out.

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