Holden-built WWII anti-tank gun sells for $45,000

The historic gun – which was used by Australian soldiers in Europe and the Pacific – will be restored and put on display at the Trafalgar Holden Museum in South Gippsland.

An anti-tank gun built by General Motors’ Australian subsidiary Holden in 1942 has reportedly sold for $45,000.

The ‘two pounder’ – which is one of 892 examples manufactured at a facility in Woodville, South Australia during World War II – was secured at auction by the Trafalgar Holden Museum in South Gippsland for future public display.

Measuring 3.5 metres from nose to tail and designed to fire 40mm shells, this specific weapon was used by Australian forces throughout Europe and in the Pacific Islands.

Other examples of the same design made their way to the Middle East, Malaya, and New Guinea during the six-year international conflict.

Following years of storage in Victoria, the weapon (stamped with the registration number CA/5321) was recently listed for auction alongside a collection of unused tools, ammunition, tethers, and original documentation.

“This item is significant because it gives the Australian public an insight into Holden’s contribution towards the war effort,” a spokesperson for the museum which bought the gun told Drive. “It will be repainted and displayed as part of the Holden War effort display of WWI and WWII.”

Holden manufactured a wide range of military equipment and weapons under contract during WWII, including field guns, aircraft, vehicle bodies, and marine engines. However, it was not the only car maker to have developed and built weaponry during the conflict.

Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Chevrolet, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Renault, and Chrysler (among others) were responsible for a wide range of military vehicles, munitions, boats, planes, and armour in their respective countries of origin.

The modern Jeep is also derived from the war, with the original design filed by the American Bantam Car Company to fulfil a government contract put to tender.

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