Hyundai Creates ‘Continue’ Project For Recycling, Reforestation, And Do-Gooder Activities

Hyundai Motor Company today announced the creation of “Continue,” a project aimed at working towards a sustainable future.

The automaker is using the project to focus on activities that will benefit the earth, engender mobility, and create hope. To tell that story, it has released a video to YouTube tracking the journey of a plastic bottle that eventually becomes part of one of its cars through recycling initiatives.

The video focuses on the first tenet of “Continue’s” mission, “Earth.” These activities will address local environmental issues, says Hyundai. These will include the removal of ghost nets from the ocean, upcycling in Europe, and reforestation in South America, a problem to which the automotive industry has recently been tied.

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Its “mobility” activities, meanwhile, will promote safety and convenience through rehabilitation support for traffic accident patients, virtual driving simulators, and a safety program for school vehicles using big data technology.

Finally, the “Hope” activities look to raise awareness through programs such as “Hope on Wheels” in North America to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Programs such as “H-Mobility Class” in Korea, which fosters young talent in areas of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving, will also be embarked upon.

Hyundai says it will use project “Continue” to carry on its existing environment-focused activities. For example, it partnered with Healthy Seas last year. The Dutch NGO has worked to collect 78 tons of ghost nets and marine litter that were recycled into products such as floormats for the Ioniq 5 that were sold in Europe.