I gave my seven year old a DSLR and had him cover the DC Auto Show (Gallery)

I’ve been to my local auto show in D.C. for quite a few years. It was likely my first “press event” in which I showed up, went to the media office and talked my way into a media ticket. This year I skipped the Media Day because of a schedule conflict, and almost didn’t go at all. However, on a dull Saturday morning I decided to fire up the 2022 Kia Niro EV (review coming) and head into DC with my youngest in tow. I took business cards and jokingly told him he would be my camera person.

When we hit the check-in desk I was like “my cameraman and I would like media passes please”. He had my DSLR over his shoulder and she thought that was just the cutest. So we both set about exploring the two floors of vehicles. The 62 (lightly edited) photos below are his view from the viewfinder of my Canon Rebel T2i.

SUVs and Crossovers

I started with crossovers and SUVs not because of my preference, but because of his. Of the 62 photos that were useable (he took twice as many but I won’t subject you to those) 18 of them were of crossovers and SUVs. The kid really likes what Ford is doing these days. Or perhaps I was too busy selling people on the Mach-E in my spare time and wouldn’t let him leave.

Maybe a bit of both.

Electric Vehicles

Speaking of the Mach-E, there it is. There were a couple on hand and I was 48 hours from picking mine up (spoiler alert, it happened, you should follow me on social media) so I may have been pretty hyped about it. I definitely answered some questions while I was milling around.

Sporty and Exotic

Thankfully 20 of the photos were of sporty or full-on exotics. His best picture may be the new Nissan Z, he knew I was excited to see it. Oh, and he learned the woes of trying to capture a large area with people around as he desperately tried to get these Ferraris in the same shot.


No comments here, he liked the trucks. Especially the big Army one.


Interiors are hard, especially with low light. That’s probably why the Camaro convertible interior came out the best. There were a lot more that didn’t make it, your eyes will thank me.

Engine Bays

The kid likes engine bays. Unfortunately at 52″ tall, he couldn’t get a good angle on some of them. I had to wade through a bunch of blurry tip-toe shots that got cut.

Concepts…and Robots

Behold, the Toyota Rhombus and some Ford robot. Moving on.

An Corolla

This just didn’t fit any of the other categories. It’s a Corolla.

Finally, here is the photographer practicing his craft. Not terrible for his first outing, he probably would have done a lot better with my iPhone. Thanks for viewing, he is going to be super excited to see this when he gets home.

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