Impatient VW Golf GTI Driver Gets Taught A Brutal Lesson For Speeding

The impatient driver of a VW Golf GTI has discovered the hard way what can go wrong if you enter a corner with far too much speed.

This clip has been doing the rounds on Reddit and initially shows the silver Golf GTI pulling up to the rear of the cammer, traveling at around 85 km/h (52.8 mph). The Golf driver is clearly in a rush and proceeds to tailgate the cammer and flash the hot hatch’s high beams.

The cammer quickly finds a good moment to pull to the right and lets the Golf speed past. Likely traveling at well over 100 km/h (62 mph), the Golf GTI speeds past the cammer and approaches a right-hand bend. However, they were carrying far too much speed and the GTI quickly loses grip, begins to spin, and slams into a concrete crash barrier.

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Interestingly, the VW didn’t understeer into the corner as you would expect from a front-wheel drive car. Instead, it was actually the rear that stepped out as the driver attempted to make the turn. Even if the driver had encountered a bunch of understeer, though, we’re doubtful they would have been able to stop the inevitable impact with the wall.

The brunt of the impact was taken by the rear of the car and we can see that the bumper and tailgate have been badly damaged, while we suspect that this might be the case for some mechanical components as well.

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