Lamborghini Hopes To Continue The V12 After 2030

It seems the team from Sant’Agata Bolognese are wanting to hold on to combustion engines and the V12 for as long as possible and we are all for that.

Speaking to German newspaper Welt, Stephan Winkelmann said, “After hybridization, we will wait and see whether it will be possible to offer vehicles with a combustion engine beyond 2030.”

This comment echoes that of Bugatti where the French carmaker aims to keep the combustion engine alive even after the Chiron production ends. That means that the successor of the Chiron will more than likely make use of a combustion engine.

It is all about reducing emissions and for now, the only solution is to adopt a hybrid system. If we want to see the combustion engine stick around for as long as possible, we need something to happen in the fuel department and companies like Porsche are working as hard as they can on a synthetic offering with virtually no emissions.

Lamborghini is scheduled to launch their first electric vehicle in 2028 which will be an everyday vehicle similar to the Urus with four seats and more ground clearance. Models like the Aventador will still continue using a V12 with some form of electrification as seen on the Sian.

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