Last Liberty Walk Kit For Lamborghini Aventador Costs Nearly R3 Million

Liberty Walk jumped on the Lamborghini Aventador widebody game very early on and now that the V12 Bull is being retired, they have one last offering called the GT EVO.

As expected, it is their most outrageous looking and this car pictured here is already the third example built out of a limited 20 examples worldwide.

The kit completely transforms the look of the Aventador and it should as most of the components are new or just designed for maximum impact and presence.

There is a new bumper with revised air intakes as well as a lowered front splitter upfront. This is complemented by some seriously flared wheel arches with aerodynamic louvres and an aggressive new hood.

At the rear, you will spot a radically pronounced diffuser and a ridiculously wide wing. This wing is so wide that it connects to the flared rear wheel arches and ultimately the extended side skirts. Liberty Walk has also designed an aerodynamic shark fin that runs down the engine cover and attaches to the wing.

Fancy adding this to your Bull? If you want the full carbon fibre version, you will part with $187,000 (approx. R2.8m) but if you want to be cheap and go for the plastic option, you will ‘only’ part with $94,600 (approx. R1.4m). We assume this is just for the kit and excludes shipping and fitment.

Does this bumblebee spec do it for you?

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