Liberty Walk’s Latest Lamborghini Aventador Is A Real Show-Stopper

Liberty Walk has just completed work on its latest project, this time featuring a Lamborghini Aventador that has been equipped with its GT EVO bodykit.

The GT EVO kit is the last bodykit that Liberty Walk will offer for the Aventador before Lamborghini retires the mid-engined supercar. Just 20 examples of the kit will be manufactured and this is the third example to be finished.

The kit transforms the look of the Aventador and starts up front with an all-new bumper sporting revised air intakes and a lowered front splitter. Complementing the new bumper are flared front wheel arches with aerodynamic louvers and an aggressive new hood.

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Viewed from the side, the car is a real show-stopper. Joining the flared front wheel arches are flared rear wheel arches and extended side skirts. The rear arches are particularly complex and support the uprights for the towering rear wing, painted in matte black for this particular Aventador. A set of matte black wheels make the car stand out even further.

As for the Aventador GT EVO’s rear, it is utterly bananas and features a pronounced diffuser. Liberty Walk has also designed an aerodynamic shark fin that runs down the engine cover and attaches to the wing. A number of black decals have then been affixed to the yellow paint of this particular Aventador.

The most expensive version of the bodykit is made from carbon fiber and costs as much as $187,000, but Aventador owners can purchase the kit for as ‘little’ as $94,600 when made from plastic.

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