Live Video from Dr. Beasley’s “Future of Detailing” Clinic Q1 2022

Ever find yourself typing detailing classes near me into Google? Well, whether you’re in the midwest or the southwest, the “Future of Detailing” clinic has you covered. We recently wrapped on our latest clinic, taking place at 48 Detailing in Surprise, Arizona (just outside Phoenix) and it was an incredible time. Getting to meet so many up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a thirst for high level detailing and business knowledge was such a privilege and we can’t wait to announce our next class!

Director of Success Chris Racana, the mastermind behind the Dr. Beasley’s “Future of Detailing” clinic series, went live on Instagram frequently during the class. For your convenience and viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled all of his detailing dispatches into a giant supercut with nearly an hour of detailing class content. If you’re looking for detailing classes near me, this video is definitely for you. Check it out below, and don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you can get alerted when our next video drops!

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What is the “Future of Detailing”? The “Future of Detailing” is the only auto detailing clinic that’s focused on GROWING businesses to new heights. Forget mindless product application and repetitive buffing lessons — we’re focused on what matters: the bottom line.

In this class, students will be trained in:

📍 Maximizing operational efficiency
📍 Using Nano Surface Primers for profitable paintwork corrections
📍 Installing 100% solids, lifetime ceramic coatings like Nano-Resin Pro
📍 Helping potential clients close on profitable services
📍 Positioning services for optimized success
📍 Owning niches like matte detailing in targeted regions📍 Dialing in SEO, marketing and branding

Students will have networking opportunities:

📍 Speak directly with industry leaders (Past guests include FLEX and Lake Country MFG)
📍 Network with other detailing entrepreneurs
📍 See how a successful detailing operation works

Tickets include:

📍 Dr. Beasley’s T-Shirt
📍 $100 in Dr. Beasley’s products
📍 Breakfast (Bagels and/or Donuts, coffee, etc.) Mon + Tue
📍 Lunch (cold sandwiches, chips, etc.) Mon + Tue
📍 Pizza happy hour on Monday evening
📍 Sunday night reception dinner
📍 Framed “Future of Detailing” certificate

Our next “Future of Detailing” clinic is TBA for Q2 2022. Be sure to subscribe to our emails to get notified when tickets go on sale!


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