Long-term Car Renting vs Buying a Car in Dubai

rentingIn the 21st century, driving a car is a necessity for a lot of people. Besides commuting, people use various types of vehicles to transport goods, go on vacations, drive children to school, and even live in cars. From the time the first cars were created, their scope of use cases grew exponentially. Cars themselves evolved too: Hypercars reach 100 kph (or 62 mph) in seconds and the internal combustion engines are replaced with electric ones.

However, the more enhanced cars become, the more maintenance and resources they require and the more they cost. A really good car can be unaffordable for a person with an average level of income, especially in Dubai. It may seem that a nice solution here is long-term renting. Well, it has its own benefits, but is the game worth the candle? Let us explain how owning a car differs from long-term renting and what solution will suit you best.

What is long-term renting?

Well, the concept of owning a car is simple: You buy a car, drive it, and then resale or dispose of it depending on its condition. However, what is long-term renting? In a nutshell, long-term renting (sometimes called leasing) is a type of rental agreement that covers long periods of time. Usually, it starts from 12 months and can last for several years. Both leasing cars in Dubai and short-time renting include security deposits and define the responsibilities of two parties. However, besides time, there is a difference in flexibility: Short-term renting is more flexible, but leasing is more stable.

Cost efficiency

Now, let’s talk in more detail about the comparison between long-term renting and buying your own car in Dubai. The first criterion is cost-efficiency. Let’s take it for granted that you are going to stay in this city for a really long time. You would definitely need to plan your budget and the money you have to spend on transportation is one of the first you will take into account.


In general, long-term renting in Dubai is less costly than buying a car. Monthly payments for your own car will be higher than paying long-term rent. However, the psychological aspect can interfere here: Unlike rental payments, when you buy a car, you invest in your own property.


Renting a car for a long time will provide you with more flexibility than owning one. When your vehicle is rented, you can easily exchange it with another one that will cost you less (or more, if you decide to opt for a more enhanced version). Also, if you have no need for a car anymore, you just return it to the agency.

With owning a car, you will have to resale the vehicle if you want to get rid of it. This procedure requires a lot of resources: You need to take into account all the legal aspects of the United Aarab Emirates, calculate a reasonable price, and find the right buyer. All these stages will not be easy to finish.


Maintenance is also an aspect you need to consider. A car that you own is your responsibility completely. You need to watch out for any minor and major issue and fix it in time so you will not get any troubles on the road. However, psychology is here again: All repairs and upgrades you do are investments in your comfort.

A rented car is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a part of tech support will belong to the rental so you will have fewer headaches. On the other hand, the company will closely follow your activities and can impose huge penalties on you if they consider you do not take enough care of the car.renting

Summing it up

As we have figured out, both long-term renting and owning a car have their own pros and cons, and both options have the right to exist. The final choice will depend on your level of income, goals, and desires. Also, if you want to buy a car but you don’t know if you are able to maintain it, you can try to take care of the rented vehicle. But be sure to really take care of it so when you return it to the agency, everything will be fine. Now, when you know what will suit you, go for the chosen option.

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