Luckiest escape or riding skills? You decide [Video]

Rash driving on Indian roads is one of the major reasons for accidents. We often say that India is a country where motorists show zero patience on the roads leading to accidents and chaos. Well, here is one example where the rider on a scooter got saved by a few inches.

The CCTV footage on Team Kappa is becoming viral on the Internet. The incident is from Kerala, where most of the roads are quite narrow and undivided single lanes. The footage shows the KSRTC bus entering a sharp turn and at the same time, the scooter rider enters the same corner from the opposite direction.

The scooter rider entered the lane at a very high speed, which is why the scooter understeers and takes a wider turn. Both the vehicles spot each other at the last minute. The bus driver applies the brakes as he was at a much slower speed. The rider on the scooter, however, somehow managed to shift his weight, change the course of the scooter and ride away without colliding.

It could have become a major accident and you can imagine the consequences. The scooter rider did not even stop to grasp the moment and realise what just happened. We hope that the video reaches him.

Blind curves are dangerous

Blind corners, especially on the roads without any dividers can be very dangerous. Most accidents on the mountains happen on blind curves where oncoming vehicles cannot see others. In most cases, the vehicles enter opposite lanes and crash into each other.

That is why it is always important to slow down on blind corners even if you do not get to see any obstacle. Slowing down the blind curves is a good practice and will keep you safe.

One should always stick to the lane on a blind corner. This ensures that the path is clear. Always try to warn the vehicles coming from the opposite by honking on the blind curves. This alerts the driver and reduces the chances of accidents.

Overtaking on the blind curves also leads to accidents. Always make sure that you get a clear view of the road ahead for safe overtaking. Curved roads do not offer that and hence, are very dangerous to overtake other vehicles.

Looking at the video again, what do you think about the guy on the scooter? Simply lucky or it was his skills that saved him? We think whatever saved him will not last for long if he continues to ride like this.

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