Mahindra Scorpio 2WD gets stuck while off-roading [Video]

Lately, several SUVs owners group in the country have started exploring off-road capabilities of their vehicles and there are several groups that now organise such off-road trips with the help of experienced people. We have featured many such off-road videos on our website. We have mentioned it in our older articles several times that taking a 2WD SUV off-road is not recommended. There are some limitations to such 2WD SUVs which do not make them suitable for such tasks. Here we have a video where a 2WD Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck while off-roading with Mahindra Thar and Maruti Gypsy.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his group were exploring an off-road track. They had couple new Mahindra Thar, Maruti Gypsy, old-gen Mahindra Thar and a 2WD Mahindra Scorpio.

The whole group cleared the first section of the track without any problem. After the first section, the difficulty level started going up and many vehicle started having time. Mahindra Scorpio was one such SUV in the group. The group was actually driving on a surface that looked like a dried up river bed. There were rocks and sand all around the place.

There were spotters guiding the driver so that, they don’t hit any rock or get stuck. Mahindra Thar and Gypsys were crossing without any major issues. While the others were driving slowly, Mahindra Scorpio driver had to carry some speed as he did not 4×4 in his vehicle. While trying to cross one such section, the Scorpio got stuck.

The front bumper had touched a bumper and there was also a large rock touching the body under the car. Driver initially tried reversing the car but, the car was stuck badly. It was not moving at all. Then one of the Maruti Gypsy in the group, tried pulling it out using an electric winch. The car came out but, it was still not able to go to the other side. Driver tried again but, the rear wheel lost traction and started spinning freely in the sand.

People stood on the foot board to give the wheel some traction but, all efforts were in vain. The front wheels were free but, as this is a RWD SUV, it kept of spinning. A rock was in front of the other wheel which stopped it from spinning. Finally, the older generation Mahindra Thar which was in the group tied a tow rope on the front bumper of the Scorpio and pulled it out.

If this Mahindra Scorpio was the 4×4 version, it would have easily cleared the obstacle. There was no power being sent to the front wheels of the car. Mahindra does not offer 4×4 with Scorpio anymore. The manufacturer is currently working on the next-generation Scorpio and it looks like just like XUV700, the next-gen Scorpio might also be offered with AWD or 4×4 as an option in the top-end variant. The new Scorpio has been spotted testing several times and is expected to be launched in the market some time later this year.

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