Mahindra Thar 4×4 rescues MG Hector and Toyota Innova Crysta stuck in snow

We have written about the importance of a 4×4 SUV while doing off-roading. The same applies when you are driving through snow as well. Snow is one of the most trickiest surface to drive and if not careful, it can easily lead to an accident. We have seen several videos of Mahindra Thar off-roading on the internet. Both current generation and previous generation Mahindra Thar SUVs are capable off-roaders and here we have a video where an old-generation Thar is seen rescuing MG Hector, Toyota Innova Crysta and many more cars that are stuck in snow.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends are in the mountains where it is snowing heavily. The vlogger and his friends were in a Mahindra Thar and were preparing to return when they spotted a MG Hector stuck in snow. MG Hector as we all know is a front wheel drive SUV and is not meant for such extreme conditions.

It looks like the SUV was parked on the road side and due to heavy rainfall, there was snow all around the car. The MG Hector driver tried driving the car out of the snow and managed to do it successfully to some extend. The rear wheels managed to come out but, the front wheels soon started to spin freely. The driver then came out and requested vlogger to help. The vlogger immediately takes out the tow rope form Mahindra Thar and ties it with MG Hector. The old-generation Mahindra Thar then pulls the MG Hector Hector slowly out from the snow.

Once the SUV was out, the driver managed to drive the SUV without any problem. After rescuing MG Hector, the group went ahead to recover a Toyota Innova Crysta which was in their group only. The car was parked on the side of the road and there was snow all around it. The driver tried moving the car out in reverse but, the car was sliding towards a drainage next to it.

Once the car started slide, vlogger asked Innova driver to stop and asked Mahindra Thar to pull him out. The Mahindra Thar successfully pulled the Innova out and they managed to continue the drive. Innova Crysta gets stuck in snow once again but, then Mahindra Thar was stuck in a traffic jam which is quite common on mountain roads during this time. Vlogger and his friends pushed the Innova out and managed to bring it out. Vlogger then sits in Innova Crysta and the continue the drive.

While driving on snow, there are some things that should be kept in mind. No matter whether your SUV is 4×4 or not, it is always recommended to drive slowly. As there is snow on the road, the chances wheel spin and loosing traction are very high. Another thing is to not make any sudden steering movements. sudden breaking should also be avoided in such conditions. Moreover anything, the driver must be very patient while driving.

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