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  • Markups are everywhere, but it doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck.
  • Some cars are still being sold under their sticker price.
  • You might be surprised which brands are offering discounts.

Markups are everywhere right now, and we recently detailed which cars are commanding the highest premiums. The full list of cars that are being sold over sticker is much longer than the 10 we listed here, and the number of cars that are selling under sticker is far smaller. That said, you might be surprised at how many great cars you can find a good deal on even in times like these.

Using pricing data from the month of January, we’ve compiled a short list of which cars are selling for less than their average manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The data compiled details the difference between MSRP and the actual transaction price (ATP) of cars from across the country. It’s worth noting that, because these numbers are an average of data taken from across the entire country, some regions might offer bigger discounts while some might not be offering discounts at all.

The most surprising find is that eight BMWs are, on average, selling for less than sticker. The new 4 Series Gran Coupe is selling for $145 under MSRP on average, and you might be able to pick up a new X3 small luxury SUV for a discount too. Our data shows that, on average, X3s are trading hands for $403 less than MSRP. But the most shocking car on this list — and the car with the biggest discount — is the 7 Series. The flagship of BMW’s sedan line is selling for an almost unbelievable $4,994 less than the MSRP on average.

If BMWs aren’t to your taste, maybe you’ll find something from Lincoln, Volvo or Alfa Romeo suitable. The Nautilus, Lincoln’s midsize crossover SUV, is selling for $594 under sticker on average. The Volvo XC60, a compact luxury SUV, is going for $861 less than MSRP, and buyers are paying an average of $3,304 less than sticker for the Giulia, a premium sedan from Alfa Romeo. Alfa’s Stelvio compact SUV, too, is generally trading hands for $3,486 under MSRP.

While most of these brands trend more toward luxury, the Ford F-150 is also on this list. Buyers are typically paying $496 less than MSRP on F-150s, but Ford’s truck range is vast. Keep in mind that hot-ticket F-150 models like the Raptor and PowerBoost Hybrid will carry a markup pretty much anywhere you look.

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Despite a deluge of markups, there are still great deals to be had — especially if you’re interested in a new BMW or Alfa Romeo. Car News Read More