Mazda Boss Confirms Next Gen MX-5, Says Will Continue With The Same Recipe

Mazda might be focused on expanding its SUV range at the moment, but the Japanese automaker hasn’t forgotten the MX-5. The iconic roadster has a guaranteed spot in the future Mazda range with the fifth generation that is already under development set to retain the virtues of its predecessors.

Joachim Kunz, head of product development and engineering at Mazda Europe, spoke to Autocar about the future of the MX-5: “It’s our brand icon and it is always treated very specially. At the moment, it looks like we will have this car forever, with this size and concept and combustion engine. Of course, someday, we will have to electrify it, but we want to keep this pure concept”. He added that the MX-5 is “the baby of headquarters” in Japan, admitting that the European division hasn’t been involved as much in its development as in other mainstream models.

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The comments from the engineering boss hint that Mazda has the intention of staying true to the roadster’s driver-focused character. The automaker will most likely retain the MX-5’s signature elements including its compact footprint, featherweight nature, rear-wheel-drive layout, and internal combustion engine.

Mazda currently has a front-wheel architecture reserved for smaller segments and future EVs, plus a rear-wheel drive platform for larger and more premium electrified models like the new CX60. The MX-5 could use some components from the latter while benefiting from the latest engine tech. As hinted by previous reports, a Skyactiv-X petrol engine combined with a mild-hybrid system would be a great fit for the new MX-5.

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Electrification could improve the performance credentials and environmental attributes of the roadster, while the small battery of the mild-hybrid system would allow it to remain lightweight. While the petrol-powered engine sounds plausible for one more generation, the next step would likely include a fully electric powertrain, unless Mazda finds a way to utilize synthetic fuels in its production vehicles.

Joachim Kunz acknowledged the MX-5’s longer life cycle compared to other models in the lineup but doesn’t believe it’s an issue, saying that “Having one generation for ten years is not a problem for us”. Given that the current fourth-gen MX-5 (ND) debuted in 2014, the decade-long lifecycle could hint at a fifth-gen launch in 2024.

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