New Ford Mustang due next year, hybrid and electric options on the cards

Reports out of the US say a new Ford Mustang is due to go into production early next year, and is expected to be available with the option of hybrid and electric power.

The next-generation Ford Mustang is reportedly ramping up to go into production in the US early next year.

According to overseas reports the Ford Mustang will maintain its V8 power but also have the option of hybrid and electric propulsion at some point throughout its model cycle.

It is unclear at this stage if Ford will launch the new Mustang with V8 power only – and the electrified versions will follow, or launch about the same time.

Australian plans for the next generation Ford Mustang are yet to be announced, but Drive understands the nameplate will remain in local showrooms following the success of the current model.

When it arrived in Australia in late 2015 as the first factory-built right-hand-drive Ford Mustang in the history of the nameplate, the iconic US sports car exceeded sales expectations.

Ford was initially caught short in the first year or so of production while the factory ramped up right-hand-drive.

Although sales of the Ford Mustang in Australia have tapered after an initial peak of more than 9000 deliveries in a calendar year (in 2017), the iconic sports car has proved to be more than just a marketing exercise.

Indeed, the Ford Mustang remains the top-selling sports car in Australia by some considerable margin; it outsold other sports cars such as the Mazda MX-5 by more than three-to-one last year.

However, using the current generation Ford Mustang as a guide, the next model may not be in Australian showrooms until 2024 – about a year after it goes on sale in the US.

This means there could be a brief blackout of the Ford Mustang in Australia while the company switches over between models.

It is also unclear if Australia will get future limited edition supercharged editions of the Ford Mustang with the next generation model.

Australia missed out on the Shelby GT 500 (pictured above) because it wasn’t baked into the right-hand-drive program from the beginning of development.

Instead, Ford Australia built its own limited-edition supercharged Mustang, the R Spec.

Ford Mustang sales in Australia:

2021: 2827
2020: 2923
2019: 3948
2018: 6412
2017: 9165
2016: 6208
2015: 121

Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

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