New Paint Hero Ceramic Drying Lubricant Now Available

Dr. Beasley’s first new product of 2022 is here — Paint Hero! Here’s everything you need to know:

Dr. Beasley’s Paint Hero is a lubricating nanotechnology spray that helps prevent scratches while drying. Formulated with SiO2 and TiO2, it creates an ultra-slick surface that sharply reduces towel friction, enhances color, increases shine, adds hydrophobicity, resists UV rays, helps prevent water spots and repels dust. Use this product whenever hand drying an exterior vehicle surface.

Helps Prevent Scratches While Drying

Creates a cloud of ceramic material over surface to reduce friction with towel

Reduces Water Spots and Dust Build-Up

Adds self-cleaning, hydrophobic properties to help move water off of surface and prevent dust build-up

Enhances Shine and Color

Ceramic layer increases clarity and richness of paint color

Increases Ceramic Coating Longevity

Reduces friction with ceramic coatings to help prevent wear and maintain durability

More About Paint Hero

Paint Hero was developed by Dr. Beasley’s chemist Jim Lafeber to address the needs of our detailing studio’s most particular clients. When dealing with exotics and vintage vehicles, it’s important to take every step necessary to minimize wear on the exterior in order to protect the original appearance. When detailing, the most common source of minor aesthetic damage is towel drying. Even with the softest towels possible, scratches are easy to inflict, especially on older vehicles with more delicate paint. This led Jim to develop a ceramic-based, 100% inorganic lubricant to create a frictionless cloud of nanotechnology between towel and paint — Paint Hero. This product is a savior for vehicles that can’t risk even the slightest scratch and will help avoid the need for paintwork correction as long as possible.

Matte Paint Hero also available. Product links below!

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