New Parts: FTI Performance Presents the 8L90 GM Torque Converter – Multiple Variations Available

When it comes to getting the power from the flywheel to the transmission in the most efficient, effective, and relaible method, FTI Performance torque converters lead the way. The company continues to innovate from their Florida base and that innovation has resulted in the latest offering out of the brand.

Hot rodders and racers using the GM 8L90 transmission will be happy to know that FTI is offering a converter for their needs and they are offering it in both their SRL and PML designations. The SRL is the more street/strip application here and it can handle your hot rodded street car, get you that great lockup performance you want, and handle your needs on the daily as well. The PML is the company’s Pro Mod lockup and this is for those ultra-high power street cars that get raced, hammered on, and used hard on the regular.

Two great offerings for a transmission that lives in LOADS of late model factory hot rods. More here –

FTI Performance Presents the 8L90 GM Torque Converter

January 2022  (DELAND, FL) From the promise land of torque converters and transmissions, FTI Performance builds their application guide with the 8L90 vehicles, including the 2017 Camaro and Corvette. With customer service as a key founding trait, FTI makes every converter custom to suit the racer’s need and application.

The 8L90 converter is available in the 9.5” SRL9-3 series and 10” PML9-3 series. The SRL9-3 is FTI’s flagship lock up converter for late model transmissions. The PML9-3 is the Pro-Mod lock up series which is the best choice for high power street cars and trucks with lock up transmissions. Both versions are capable of handling boosted, naturally aspirated, and nitrous applications.

With billet precision components, the converter is the strongest available on the market. Designed to lock up at full throttle, the racer will get record setting performances and improved drivability. With a lifetime warranty available, For more information about FTI Performance’s torque converters, visit

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