Nissan Magnite, Renault Kiger, Honda City and Jazz crash-tested by G-NCAP

Days after India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari announced that the country will have its own crash test rating system, Global NCAP has released ratings for the Nissan Magnite, Renault Kiger, Honda City and Honda Jazz in India. All the four cars tested are made in India.

Nissan Magnite G-NCAP rating

The Nissan Magnite has received a four-star safety rating in the adult occupant protection test. It has scored 11.85 out of 17. The Global NCAP has awarded a 2-star rating for child protection.

The Magnite’s bodyshell and footwell area is listed as stable. However, protection to the driver’s chest and knees is not adequate. The child occupant protection rating is so low because the Magnite does not offer a ISOFIX anchor points for the child seat.

Renault Kiger G-NCAP rating

The Kiger and the Nissan Magnite uses the same platform, engines and many other components. The Kiger has scored more than the Magnite with 12.34 points out of 17 for adult safety rating. The child safety continues to get 2 stars but the Kigers scored slightly below the points scored by the Magnite for child safety.

Interestingly, G-NCAP has rated the bodyshell of the Kiger as unstable and it is not capable of withstanding further loads. The footwell area is rated as stable and the Kiger offers a similar level of protection to the adults, same as the Magnite. Even though the Kiger gets ISOFIX anchors, they remained covered under the seat and were not marked, which is why G-NCAP tested the car without them.

Fourth-generation Honda City G-NCAP rating

Global NCAP has tested the previous generation of the Honda City even though the latest fifth-generation is on sale in the Indian market. Honda sells both fourth and fifth generations together in the market.

The Honda City scored a four-star rating in the Global NCAP test. The sedan scored 12.03 points out of 17 for adult safety. While it received 38.27 points out of 49 for child safety. Honda offers the ISOFIX as standard with the City.  However, the lack of a three-point seatbelt for the middle passenger in the rear did wipe out a few points from the overall safety.

Honda Jazz G-NCAP rating

The premium hatchback Honda Jazz scored a total of four stars in the crash safety rating. The car scored a total of 13.89 points out of a total of 17. For child safety, the Global NCAP gave 31.54 points out of 49.

The Jazz also offers adequate safety to the chest and head area of the driver and good safety to the co-driver. The body shell structure, footwell area and other critical parts are rated as stable.

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