Nissan Patrol outsells Toyota LandCruiser wagon

An influx of Nissan Patrol arrivals – and a severe shortage of Toyota LandCruisers – has delivered Nissan its fourth sales win in the past seven months.

The decade-old Nissan Patrol V8 petrol wagon outsold the brand-new Toyota LandCruiser turbo diesel V6 wagon last month – for the fourth time in the past seven months.

While the waiting times for the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series wagon stretch up to four years overseas – and six to 12 months in Australia – the Nissan Patrol is making up for lost ground with a massive arrival of vehicles that were ordered by customers last year.

As with many new cars, the waiting times for the Nissan Patrol have ebbed and flowed throughout the pandemic over the past two years.

Much to the frustration of customers in the queue, the waiting times were originally forecast to be as short as three months, when in fact many customers have been waiting eight to 12 months – or more.

While Nissan Australia acknowledges the latest sales victory over the Toyota LandCruiser is the result of peculiar circumstances – with Toyota among those struggling with severely restricted supply of its new model – Nissan dealers say they are pleased with the outcome.

“This is a reward for all the patience of our customers in the queue,” a major metropolitan Nissan dealer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Drive.

“A lot of customers have been frustrated with the long wait times – and the changing wait times. But it’s out of our control.”

The Nissan Patrol figure of 670 examples reported as sold in Australia last month compares to the Toyota LandCruiser wagon result of 612 examples reported as sold last month.

It is worth noting the Toyota LandCruiser wagon sales tally includes a mix of 300 Series wagon and 70 Series heavy-duty wagon models so, like-for-like, the Nissan Patrol likely won by an even higher margin.

It’s not the first time the current generation Y62 Nissan Patrol has beaten the Toyota LandCruiser in the sales race over the past year or so.

The Nissan Patrol also notched up a win over the Toyota LandCruiser wagon on three occasions last year: in August, September, and October.

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