Nissan Patrol twin to switch to turbo V6 power – report

The new Nissan Patrol appears to be another step closer to twin-turbo V6 power instead of today’s V8. A new report claims its US twin, the Nissan Armada, will switch to a V6 as early as next year.

The Nissan Armada – the US-market version of Australia’s Nissan Patrol four-wheel-drive – appears poised to drop its petrol V8 in favour of a twin-turbocharged V6, according to a new report.

Industry journal Automotive News reports the next Nissan Armada four-wheel-drive due in late 2023 will ditch its 5.6-litre petrol V8 in favour of a “more fuel-efficient” twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, according to a Nissan dealer in the US “briefed on the plans”.

While the next, left-hand-drive Nissan Armada might switch to a turbo V6 for its next generation, it is not certain this would directly affect the right-hand-drive Nissan Patrol sold in Australia.

It is possible the V8-powered Nissan Patrol could continue to be sold in Australia, given there are no new vehicle emissions deadlines.

Despite the two Nissan four-wheel-drives being twins, Nissan has previously shown a willingness to restrict certain upgrades to particular markets.

For example, the recently updated interior (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) is available on examples of the Nissan Patrol and Nissan Armada sold overseas, but not in Australia.

The latest Automotive News report follows rumours out of the Middle East last week, which suggested the next Patrol would drop its V8 in favour of a 3.5-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 – at least in that market.

It is unclear from the reports so far if the engine swap due in the Nissan Patrol next year coincides with a major model change – or an update to the existing vehicle, which has been on sale in Australia since 2012.

While the Middle Eastern report hinted the 3.5-litre V6 would not be related to any other current Nissan V6, other options include an adapted version of the Japanese car maker’s ‘VQ’ or ‘VR’ series V6 petrol engines – the latter used in various forms in the Z sports car and GT-R supercar.

Reports published earlier this week claimed Nissan has ceased nearly all development of new petrol engines, with a stay of execution granted to the US, and the development of engines for pick-up trucks – and likely, by extension, four-wheel-drives such as the Armada and Patrol.

The Middle Eastern report claimed the new engine would be mated to a nine-speed torque-converter automatic transmission, with a choice of full-time or part-time four-wheel drive – the former likely intended for the Patrol, and the latter expected for Nissan’s full-size, US-market Titan pick-up.

Since posting its initial report, the Middle Eastern source – Instagram account @cars_secrets – has returned with further details of the next Patrol, claiming it will launch in 2024, and will gain a fully-digital instrument cluster, adjustable ride height, an electronic gear shift lever, and what the source claims is a “smart sensor to open doors”.

Nissan is yet to comment on any of the speculation about future changes to the Nissan Patrol.

The switch from V8 to turbo V6 power is reportedly backed by a desire for improved fuel economy – and aligns with industry trends towards smaller, downsized engines offering increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions, while maintaining similar performance to the larger V8s.

No details of power and torque outputs are given for the next Patrol’s V6 in the Automotive News report, however it’s suggested it would match or exceed the 298kW and 560Nm of the current Y62’s V8.

The Nissan Patrol’s switch from V8 to turbo V6 power follows that of its chief rival, the Toyota LandCruiser, which in other markets ditched 4.6-litre and 5.7-litre V8s in favour of a new 3.5-litre (technically a 3.4-litre) twin-turbo V6 for the latest 300 Series generation.

The 4.5-litre twin-turbo V8 diesel available in the LandCruiser 200 Series in Australia was dropped in favour of a new 3.3-litre twin-turbocharged V6 diesel.

Should the next Nissan Patrol ‘Y63’ switch to a twin-turbo V6 for its next generation – due in the US in late 2023, according to Automotive News – it would become the first Patrol generation to use a V6 as its flagship engine, and the first with a turbocharged six-cylinder petrol engine.

The current Y62 Nissan Patrol is available with a 4.0-litre non-turbo V6 in the Middle East, however this serves as the entry-level engine, below the range-topping V8. Past Patrols have employed inline-six power.

Drive has previously speculated on a 2025 launch for the Y63 – however given right-hand-drive production delays saw the current Y62 Patrol arrive in Australia two years after its launch in the Middle East, there’s a chance this could be repeated with the next-generation Y63 model.

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