Ola S1 Pro owner posts about crash after electric scooter suddenly goes in reverse

Ola Electric is doing fairly well with its electric scooters. However, feedback from the customers has not been entirely positive. While some people have been very happy with their scooters, some have faced issues, that too are serious ones. Here, is an incident in which the scooter went in the reverse direction and the rider crashed.

The name of the user is Agent Peenya and he has shared the full incident on Twitter. He has been using the Ola S1 Pro for a week now. The scooter was parked on the side of the road. He pulled the scooter out of the parking space and the scooter activated reverse mode. When he accelerated, the scooter went in the reverse direction even further.

Because of this, the rider fell and the scooter got damaged. There were some scratches on the scooter as well as on the rider. Then he called the Road Side Assistance of Ola Electric and the wait time was of 7 minutes. After multiple attempts, someone finally picked up the phone and told the owner that they will address the issue within the next two hours.

Even after 48 hours, no one responded so the owner decided to call Ola Electric back. After 2 days, the scooter was taken and after a week it was delivered as it is. So, the company did not repair the scratches on the body that happened because of the reverse issue.

So, the owner called again and customer care apologized. They said that the team delivered his scooter by mistake. There is no communication between the different agencies because everything has been outsourced. Finally, the scooter was delivered back to the owner and Ola’s team said that they have fixed the problem.

However, now the owner is not confident enough to use the vehicle. He says what if this had happened to his wife or his kid. This issue is a potential killer, he was fortunate enough that he was on a small road, if he would have been on the main road then the situation could have been a lot different. The owner has now sold the scooter to his cousin.

Not the first incident

This is not the first time that this issue has been reported. There have been similar incidents in the past also. The speedometer indicated 102 kmph while the scooter’s rear tyre was spinning in the reverse direction.

Before this, a customer named Malay Mohapatra also faced the same issue. He fell down on a slope because the scooter went into reverse mode. When the scooter was on its side, its rear wheel was in the air and then is when the speedometer showed a speed of 102 kmph. This could have been very dangerous.

Ola Electric can sort this issue through a software update just like a smartphone does. This might look like a good thing but it seems like this issue was also caused after a software update. This is because when the first batch of the scooter was delivered, this issue was not there.

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