Own a fully restored Mercedes-Benz 500SL for a bargain price, with one small catch…

The classic R107 Mercedes-Benz SL roadster was an open-top icon from 1971 to 1989, and you can bid for this freshly restored example for a fraction of market price. There’s just one little thing…

It’s small. Half-size to be approximate.

This classic Mercedes-Benz SL children’s car is listed on the Collecting Cars auction platform and is located in Hong Kong. Bidding is currently at a rather tempting £300 (A$570).

The mini-Merc was produced in the 1980s by legendary Mercedes-Benz tuner Lorinser, and is powered by a 127cc, 2.2kW Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine. There are two forward gears and one reverse.

Called the 500SL Mini, the car was sold through Lorinser dealers in your choice of white, black, red or silver.

The 500SL variant in the R107 was not sold in Australia, as we initially saw the 4.5L 450SL then later in the model’s life the 5.6L 560SL

The ‘mini’ SL is 1765mm long and 720mm wide, compared to the 4390mm length and 1790mm width of the real car

This example has been restored to white, with the new work painting over the original owner’s monogram ‘Linda’ on the door. All the elements from the frame upward have been repaired or replaced, giving the little SL a very fresh look.

Curiously, the three-pointed star on the grille and steering pad has been replaced by a stylised ‘m’ which likely stands for ‘Mini’. The script matches a broken badge seen on the rear of the car prior to its restoration.

The little Merc looks the goods, and providing you could arrange shipment from Hong Kong, it could be just the thing for any junior fan (or senior collector).

We’re not expecting the sub $1000 bids to stick around for long, so check out the listing which is due to finish this Saturday and perhaps you could own a fractionally sized classic Mercedes for a fraction of the full-sized price.

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