Owner Of Ford F-150 Platinum Shows How To Not Use A Boat Ramp

Reversing a boat down a boat ramp certainly takes some practice and evidently, the owner of this Ford F-150 could do with a little more of it.

Footage recently shared to Instagram shows the aftermath of an F-150 Platinum owner trying and failing to properly reverse his $2,000 boat down a ramp on the Napa River.

During the video, we can see the owner of the Ford desperately trying to accelerate out of the water. The rear wheels are spinning and a bystander quickly tells the driver to put the truck into four-wheel drive so the front wheels could get some traction. Unfortunately, it was too little too late for this.

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It appears as though the boat was still hooked to the trailer at the time and that once it hit the water, it began to float, lifting up the rear wheels of the truck.

It is unclear exactly how the driver ended up in this precarious position in the first place. One possible explanation is that he forgot to put the truck in Park and/or failed to apply the parking brake while sitting on the boat ramp.

Reading through the comments on the original Instagram post, it appears that the owner of a Jeep Wrangler parked nearby quickly rushed to their off-roader and swiftly winched the Ford out of the water. While it is unclear if any mechanical damage was done to the Ford, we can see that a lot of the cabin was filled with water.


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